Bilkent UNAM Scholarships 2023

The institution which are offering these scholarships is located in Ankara which is the capital of the Republic of Turkey. Turkey is considered the most advanced and modern country in the whole world. For Bilkent Unam Scholarships those should apply who have Bachelor’s degree. The education of Turkey if you research about it. These scholarships are fully funded for MSc and Ph.D. so on this occasion for you can start your career outside your country. All international students can apply for it.

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Regarding the University

Bilkent University was established in 1984 to improve the higher education of Turkey. For your kind information, this University is private and in 2011 it was listed as the top 112th around the Globe. This organization yearly announces scholarships for international students. This is because when you give scholarships to students foreign talent comes to your country.

Quick Overview

If you are an international student then this university is providing a very good chance to study outside your country. Besides this you can travel around the country Turkey is also a phenomenal sport for tourism. The financial status of this scheme is more than 500 United States of America Dollars. The education in this program will be in the English language.

Courses Offered

Silent University giving many courses to students for the last thirty-five years. Below are the courses that are apparently offering by the institution.

  • Engineering
  • Law
  • Architecture
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics
  • Acting
  • Economics
  • Education

Advantages of Getting This Scholarship

Major advantages that Bilkent University giving to international students are

  • The institution will provide 5000 Turkish lira per year for both Ph.D. and MS students.
  • It will give private health insurance
  • One gadget in order to help you in studies
  • A meal is also the responsibility of the organization

With all these facilities also you will get a single bed and a shared room in my view. This a comfortable situation for study. All these facilities will throw out worries about finance. Such a tension-free atmosphere will be there so apply for this and change your life. These scholarships are both for males and females.

Acceptability (Eligibility Criteria)

There are few conditions for this scholarship

1. You should be a citizen of that country which is the signatory of the United Nations charter.

2. The candidate should be able to understand the English language. For that purpose, the applier should have an IELTS certificate.

3. If the applier is a Turkish citizen in my opinion he will easily get this program.

Demanded Certificate

If you want to register your name in this scheme they should possess a Bachelor’s degree from University which is considered by that’s government country. This is because this program is starting from MS degree all around the Globe MS came after Bachelor’s degree. When someone gets a Bachelor’s degree he calls a graduate.   

Duration of the Degrees

In this institution, the time period of an MS degree is 36 months and the Doctor of philosophy degree time is forty-eight months.

How to Apply

If you want to apply then visit Bilkent University.

Conclusive Comments

Everyone in the world wants to earn money and to live in a developed country. Bilkent UNAM scholarships providing you an opportunity Turkey as you know shares boundaries with Europe. So now apply for this scholarship then you can settle there or you can shift to Europe. With this, you can earn the title of Doctor.

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