Care International Internship 2024

CARE International is a global humanitarian organization dedicated to fighting poverty and providing assistance to communities facing crises. While CARE offers numerous opportunities for individuals to run to their mission, including internships, the specific availability of internships may vary by region, country, and time.

Internship programs at CARE International provide valuable opportunities for individuals interested in gaining practical experience in various fields related to humanitarian aid, development, advocacy, and other related areas. These internships aim to take talented students who want to contribute to global efforts in combating poverty and social injustice.

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Roles and Responsibilities:

Interns at CARE International may be involved in diverse roles, such as program support, research, communications, advocacy, fundraising, or administration, depending on the specific needs of the organization. They may participate in project implementation, data analysis, drafting reports, supporting communication strategies, or assisting in fieldwork and community engagement initiatives.


The requirements for CARE International internships can vary based on the specific role and location. Typically, applicants are expected to possess relevant educational backgrounds, such as studying international development, humanitarian affairs, public health, social sciences, communications, or other related fields. Strong communication skills, adaptability, cultural sensitivity, and a passion for CARE’s mission are often desired qualities.

Application Process:

Interested individuals can explore available internship opportunities on the official CARE International website or through regional CARE offices. The application process usually involves submitting a resume or curriculum vitae (CV), a cover letter expressing interest and motivation, and sometimes additional documents like academic transcripts or letters of recommendation.

Selection Process:

After the application submission, candidates may undergo a selection process that could include interviews, assessments, or further evaluations to determine their suitability for the internship role.


Interning with CARE International offers a chance to gain hands-on experience in the humanitarian sector, work alongside dedicated professionals, and contribute to impactful projects aimed at improving the lives of vulnerable communities worldwide. While internships at CARE may be unpaid or offer stipends, they provide learning experiences and networking opportunities within the humanitarian field.

How To Apply:

Head to the designated website to enroll in this program officially.


CARE International internships serve as a platform for aspiring individuals to make meaningful contributions to global development efforts, build skills, and broaden their understanding of humanitarian work while actively supporting CARE’s mission of empowering communities and fighting poverty. Applicants should regularly check CARE’s official channels for updated information on internship opportunities and application procedures.

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