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An internship with Cathay Pacific Engineering is an occasion for engineers to immerse themselves in the world of aviation maintenance and aircraft engineering. As a global company in the airline industry, Cathay Pacific holds a sterling reputation for its to excellence, safety, and innovation.

During the internship, participants gain hands-on experience working alongside seasoned professionals in various engineering departments. They get used to technologies and practices involved in maintaining, repairing, and servicing Cathay Pacific’s fleet of aircraft, including the latest models and systems.

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Details of the Internship:

  • Internship Location: Hong Kong
  • Organization Name: Cathay Pacific
  • Education Level: Any
  • Sector: Aviation


Interns work on a range of tasks that provide an understanding of aircraft maintenance processes. From conducting inspections to assisting with repairs and troubleshooting, This experience helps interns apply theoretical knowledge to practical scenarios, enhancing their skill sets and preparing them for a career in the aviation industry.

Cathay Pacific Engineering’s internship program emphasizes a culture of continuous learning and development. Interns have access to specialized training sessions conducted by industry experts. They gain insights into aviation regulations, safety protocols, and emerging technologies, fostering a holistic understanding of the aerospace field.

Interns may engage in projects focused on enhancing aircraft efficiency, reducing carbon footprint, or exploring eco-friendly aviation practices, aligning with the company’s dedication to responsible aviation.

How To Apply:

Head to the designated website to enroll in this program officially.


The internship with Cathay Pacific Engineering not only provides technical skills but also offers insights into the aviation industry’s professional and ethical standards. Interns learn about the importance of adherence to safety protocols, regulatory compliance, and the significance of precision and attention to detail in aircraft maintenance.

The internship with Cathay Pacific Engineering is for engineers to gain practical experience, and learn from industry experts. It gives a rich learning environment that combines hands-on experience, professional development, and exposure to cutting-edge technologies, preparing interns for a successful career in aircraft engineering and maintenance.

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