Allen & Overy Internship 2024

Allen & Overy, a globally renowned law firm has internship experience for legal professionals seeking experience in the legal domain.

The internship at Allen & Overy encompasses a multifaceted approach, providing interns with a comprehensive understanding of various legal practice areas, such as corporate law, finance, and litigation. Through involvement in authentic cases and transactions, interns get together with seasoned attorneys, working meaningfully while absorbing insights from leading industry experts.

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Internship Upsides:

An internship at Allen & Overy affords interns opportunities to engage in legal research, document drafting, participation in client meetings, and observation of courtroom proceedings. This immersive involvement enables interns to grasp the pragmatic applications of legal theory, fostering a deeper comprehension of the legal profession.

Furthermore, mentorship from established professionals within the firm is a cornerstone of the internship program. Interns benefit from constructive guidance, cultivating their professional growth and refining their legal expertise. The firm’s environment encourages interns to seek guidance, creating an atmosphere conducive to learning and development.

The internship curriculum at Allen & Overy extends far off practical experiences, encompassing tailored training sessions and workshops. These sessions cover a broad spectrum, ranging from refining legal skills to understanding the firm’s operational intricacies, ensuring interns receive a holistic educational experience.

How To Apply:

Head to the designated website to enroll in this program officially.


The internship at Allen & Overy offers learning experiences, giving interns practical skills, legal knowledge, and professional connections for a successful career in law. The firm’s ability to provide a supportive environment renders it a destination for legal professionals seeking a comprehensive and rewarding internship journey.

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