Antalya Bilim University Scholarships 2023 in Turkey

Antalya Bilim University has announced that they will be offering scholarships to foreign students. Scholarships are given to students or professionals in order to help them pursue their studies or research. Antalya Bilim University is offering international students the opportunity to apply for scholarships in Turkey.

Students who want to study abroad can apply to the scholarships of Antalya Bilim University. The scholarships are open in order to support students learning free of charge and to give them an opportunity to form a cultural exchange with foreign students. The Antalya Bilim University in Turkey is inviting international students to apply for their scholarships.

The university aims to prepare its students to be able to work in an environment of globalization and multiculturalism while encouraging its graduates to become influential and motivating members of their societies by providing them with broad integrative education. Antalya Bilim University offers scholarships for international students who wish to study abroad in Turkey. International students can visit their website for further information on requirements and how to apply.

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Regarding the University:

Antalya Bilim University is a young and dynamic institution that aims to be a world-class university meeting the highest standards of international higher education. It hopes to make an impact on both the local and global communities, as well as to prepare professionals to make significant contributions in their chosen fields. The vision of the Antalya Bilim University is faithfully bringing into practice the leading-edge research of the Mediterranean Region and combining it with modern educational techniques.

Details of the Scholarship:

  • Country of Scholarship: Turkey
  • University or Institution: Antalya Bilim University
  • Financial Status: Funded
  • Course Level: Master’s, PhD and Undergraduate Degree
  • Last Date To Apply: Details Provided below

Scholarships List:

The Antalya Bilim University in Turkey is providing international Students with four Different sorts of Scholarships Opportunities. A list of those International scholarships is given below.

  1. Achievement Scholarship
  2. Sports Scholarship
  3. Disability Scholarship
  4. Extra-Scholarship Opportunity

Advantages of Antalya Bilim University Scholarships:

  • Accommodation Fees
  • Airfare tickets
  • Complete Tuition Expense.
  • Monthly Allowance

Eligibility Criteria:

In Order to be considered for this Scholarship, Candidates must possess the following prerequisites.

  • You must already be enlisted and study in a program at the Institution.
  • Students in any semester can apply.

Last Date To Apply:

Please visit University Website for details regarding the deadline and all the other stuff.

How To Apply:

In Order to apply visit the Antalya Bilim University Website for details concerning the Application Submission and all the other stuff. Provide all the required documents, You will find all the information on the Institution Website. Click Here to Advance to Antalya Bilim University Website.

Required Documents:

The Following Documents are required.

  • National and international exam outcomes
  • Copy of visa
  • Copy of student pass
  • 6 white background pictures
  • Genuine High School certificate
  • High School transcript
  • Approval note
  • Copy of Health insurance
  • English Language capability tests


You want to go to Antalya Bilim University but applying for a scholarship seems difficult. You don’t know where to start, you can’t possibly afford the tuition and your application might get rejected. Finding scholarships for international learners is not always easy. Regardless, the situation got a whole lot easier after the Antalya Bilim University Scholarships came along. Many students who have no idea how to apply for scholarships, they can find the Application Procedure above as they are presented in a very easily understandable way. Scholarships do require work on your part but things like language requirements don’t have to be a significant burden.

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