ARES Scholarships in Belgium 2023 | Fully Funded

The highly competitive ARES Scholarships are now open for submissions. ARES is a non-profit organization that provides scholarships and business training to aspiring entrepreneurs who are committed to making a change in their communities. ARES is an organization that aims to give future leaders a chance of benefiting from amazing opportunities around the world.

These scholarships are a way to help the brightest students reach their full potential. ARES has put together a comprehensive list of scholarships and grants you should be aware of while being a student. There are many scholarships that students may qualify for with no out-of-pocket expense to the student.

When it comes to scholarship, there are some guidelines you need to know about. This is an important guide to help you acquire a scholarship without wasting your time studying the wrong information. Candidates with Bachelor’s or Master’s Degrees in their Bags will be allowed to apply for this Scholarship in Belgium.

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Details of the Scholarship:

  • Country of Scholarship: Belgium
  • Institution: ARES
  • Financial Status: Fully Funded
  • Degree Level: Master’s & Bachelor’s
  • Last Date To Apply: 28th January 2022

Programs of ARES Scholarships in Belgium:

Bachelor’s Students:

  • Technological Bachelor in pediatrics & neonatology
  • Specialized Bachelor in Business Data Analysis

Master’s Students:

  • International & Development Economics.
  • Specialized Master’s in integrated presentation and protection of natural resources in urban and peri-urban regions.
  • Aquatic Resources Management & Aquaculture.
  • Specialized Master in stake & tragedy management.
  • Master of Specialization in Transfusion Medicine.
  • Specialized Master in Microfinance.
  • Master’s degree in Environmental Science & Management in Developing Nations.
  • Specialized Master in human rights.
  • Master of Specialization in Public Health Sciences – Research Procedure Applied to Global Health.
  • Specialized Master in Public Health Methodology.
  • Master’s degree in Development, Environment & Societies.
  • Specialized Master in Integrated Risk Management in the Global South (IManHR).
  • Master of specialization in conveyance & logistics.

Training Fields:

  • Internship in a geographical information system.
  • Internship in the valorization of secondary resources for endurable construction.
  • Internship in control and quality assurance of medicines and health consequences.
  • Research internship for health systems strengthening.
  • Methodological internship in help of innovation in family farming.

Benefits Offered:

  • Aspirants will be provided an economy class travel facility of one time per academic year.
  • Applicants will be residence a living stipend of 12 months for developed bachelor’s and master’s degree programs.
  • Candidates will be possession a living allowance for the enduring education program, relying upon the course tenure.
  • Personages will be boosted with the insurance expenses by the host Foundation (ARES).

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Be a worker ineligible listed nations of ARES.
  • Own a diploma equal to the bachelor’s degree from Belgium University studies for advanced masters and continuing education studies.
  • Candidates must have a diploma comparable to the undergraduate degree from Belgium Institute for advanced bachelors.
  • Applicants must have an academic degree for not more than 20 years at the start of the course.
  • Own relevant professional experience of at least two years after acquiring the initial educational degree.
  • Candidates must be reasonable in the English Language.
  • The importance is allocated to the student’s understanding of the French language.
  • Submit Applications for only one training course at a time.

Last Date of Submission:

Candidates can Submit Applications up to 28th January 2022. Late applications will not be entertained.

How To Apply:

Application Procedure is Completely Online, Applications Submission Method is really simple as it is Online. Provide all the needed Documents when you are about to Submit Applications. All the details regarding the Scholarship in Belgium can be Found on ARES Website. To Apply you will have to visit ARES Scholarships in Belgium Website. Click Here to Proceed to ARES Scholarships Website to Submit Online Applications.


Opportunity to Consider for Students who desire to Study Abroad in Europe. Candidates with excellent backgrounds and relevant experience can Apply Online by following the guidelines given above. This Scholarship Opportunity in Belgium has been announced with lots of Benefits hiding in it. Take a look at those Advantages Above, it might get you interested in this Scholarship Opportunity.

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