Catalent Internships 2024 | Compensated Internship

Catalent is a global provider of advanced delivery technologies, development, and manufacturing solutions for drugs, biologics, gene therapies, and consumer health products. They offer a variety of internship opportunities for students and recent graduates who are looking to gain valuable industry experience. Here’s a deeper look into Catalent internships:

Catalent offers internships in various fields, including pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, manufacturing, research and development, quality assurance, and more. These internships can range from research and development to business and operations.

The duration of Catalent internships can vary, but they typically run during the summer months, lasting anywhere from 10 to 12 weeks. There may also be opportunities for shorter or longer-term internships.

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Internship eligibility requirements may differ depending on the specific role, but generally, candidates should be current college students or recent graduates. They often look for students pursuing degrees in science, engineering, business, and related fields.

To apply for an internship at Catalent, candidates typically need to submit their applications through the company’s career website. The application process usually includes submitting a resume and a cover letter. Some positions may require additional materials, such as a portfolio or academic transcripts.

Shortlisted candidates may be invited for interviews. The interview process can include phone or video interviews and, in some cases, onsite interviews at one of Catalent’s facilities.

Catalent internships provide hands-on experience in various aspects of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Interns work on real projects, collaborate with experienced professionals, and gain exposure to the day-to-day operations of a global pharmaceutical company.

Catalent internships are typically paid positions, with compensation varying based on the specific role, location, and level of education and experience of the intern.

How To Apply:

If you want to apply for this program, follow the link.


Catalent often considers interns for full-time employment opportunities if they perform well during their internship and if there are relevant job openings. Many former interns have gone on to secure permanent positions at the company.

If you’re interested in pursuing an internship at Catalent, it’s essential to visit their official website, explore their available positions, and follow their application instructions. Keep in mind that the specific details of their internship programs may evolve over time, so be sure to check for the most up-to-date information and opportunities on their website.

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