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Idealist internships in non-profit organizations are a gateway to the heart of social change. These organizations tackle a wide range of pressing issues, from poverty alleviation to environmental conservation. By interning with such organizations, you immerse yourself in a world of empathy and action. Whether you’re drafting grant proposals, coordinating community outreach programs, or conducting research, every task contributes to the greater good.

For instance, if you intern with a food bank, you’ll witness firsthand the impact of your efforts on individuals struggling with hunger. This direct connection between your work and its social consequences can be incredibly motivating and fulfilling.

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Details of the Internship:

  • Internship Location: United States
  • Organization Name: Idealist
  • Education Level: Any
  • Deadline: None

Internship Benefits:

Imagine interning with a company that provides clean energy solutions to underserved communities. Your work might involve market research, product development, or community engagement. Not only will you contribute to sustainable development, but you’ll also learn how to create a viable business model that addresses societal needs.

Idealist internships in government agencies enable you to be a part of policy-making and implementation processes. If you’re passionate about driving systemic change, this is where you can make a significant impact. Government internships can span various sectors, from public health to environmental regulation.

Grassroots organizations are the lifeblood of social change. These smaller, community-based groups are often on the front lines, addressing immediate needs and advocating for long-term change. Idealist internships with grassroots organizations offer a close-knit, hands-on experience.

By working with a grassroots women’s rights group, for instance, you might participate in organizing rallies, workshops, or educational campaigns. Your contribution could empower marginalized communities, amplify their voices, and drive positive change at the grassroots level.

How To Apply:

If you want to apply for this program, follow the link.


Idealist internships with international non-governmental organizations (NGOs) provide a global perspective on social issues. These organizations work across borders, addressing issues such as human rights, global health, and disaster relief. Interning with them offers a unique chance to make a worldwide impact.

If you intern with a humanitarian NGO, you may find yourself involved in disaster response efforts, refugee support, or international development projects. Your work could directly improve the lives of people in crisis, demonstrating the global interconnectedness of our ideals and actions.

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