KQED Internship 2024 Internships In Media

The KQED Internship Program offers an opportunity for students and recent graduates to gain hands-on experience in fields within public media. Spanning across radio, television, digital media, and education, this internship provides an understanding of the media landscape while allowing interns to work meaningfully toward KQED’s mission of providing informative, engaging, and diverse content to its audience.

Interns at KQED have the chance to work with professionals in departments such as journalism, production, marketing, education, and community engagement. The program is designed to offer a well-rounded experience, giving interns to develop both technical skills and a deeper understanding of the media industry.

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Internship Rewards:

Throughout the internship, individuals are immersed in real-world projects and day-to-day operations. This hands-on approach fosters skill development in areas like content creation, research, editing, multimedia production, social media management, and audience outreach.

Moreover, interns have the opportunity to work on initiatives that align with KQED’s commitment to storytelling that reflects diverse perspectives and experiences. This emphasis on inclusivity and representation provides interns with a valuable understanding of the importance of diversity in media and storytelling.

KQED values the input and fresh perspectives of its interns, encouraging them to contribute ideas and take part in discussions. This environment allows interns to not only learn from professionals but also actively engage in the creative process and decision-making, fostering a sense of ownership and empowerment.

How To Apply:

Head to the designated website to enroll in this program officially.


The KQED Internship Program offers an experience that gives participants practical skills, and industry knowledge. It is for those aspiring to pursue careers in media, journalism, broadcasting, digital content creation, or related fields by providing a rich and immersive learning environment within a renowned public media organization.

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