Lazio Scholarships in Italy 2023 | Scholarships to Study in Italy

Lazio scholarships are competitive, merit-based awards that cover the cost of tuition, airfare, and other expenses for students who wish to study in Italy. Italian Government Scholarships are open and are available to both Italian and international students.

Lazio DiSCo Italy Fully Funded Scholarships are awarded to international students who wish to study in Italy. The scholarships are funded by the Italian government and are available for both undergraduate and graduate students. There are a limited number of scholarships available, so students are encouraged to apply early.

Lazio or the Italian Regional Scholarship Program is awarded to outstanding students from around the world who wish to study in Italy. The scholarships are merit-based and cover the full cost of tuition, room, and board. Students who receive a Government of Italy Scholarship are also given a monthly stipend to help cover the cost of living expenses. Many Top Universities in Lazio Region are listed below.

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Lazio Scholarships in Italy | Fully Funded:

  • Country: Italy
  • Scholarship: Lazio Regional Scholarship
  • Financial Status: Fully Funded
  • Degree Level: Masters, Bachelors
  • Last Date To Apply: 20th July 2022

Best Universities in Lazio:

  • University of Milan
  • University of Cassino
  • University of Pisa
  • University of Rome
  • Sapienza University of Rome
  • Siena University
  • Polytechnic di Torino

Benefits Offered:

  • No Tuition Expense
  • Free Accommodation (Assigns Accommodation Sites)
  • Scholarship straight to your bank account

Documents Required:

  • Identity document
  • If you have IELTS (It will boost the odds)
  • If you don’t have an IELTS. You can apply with English Proficiency Language Certificate
  • Family Revenue Certificate
  • Bank certificate.
  • Letter of recommendation (Very Important part of Scholarship). Must be nicely written.
  • Property Certificate.
  • Access type photograph
  • Academic transcript
  • University application form
  • Detailed study programs/course description (must possess the number of hours of the courses or training activities that you have achieved according to your educational curriculum)
  • CV
  • Letter of motivation (Very Important part of Scholarship). Must be well written.)

Last Date To Apply:

The Deadline for an Online Application for the Lazio Fully Funded Scholarships in Italy is 20th July 2022.

How To Apply?

Firstly, you need to search for a University in Lazio Region with a little bit of help from Google. Click Here for the Official Scholarship Page. The Call for Scholarship is Available on the Official Page. They will announce few more things about the Scholarships in Italy in the coming days so keep an eye on the Official Page.


Lazio Scholarships are a great opportunity for students to study in Italy. These scholarships provide financial support for students to cover the cost of tuition, room and board, and other expenses. To be eligible for the Lazio Scholarships, students must be enrolled in an accredited Italian university. For more information about the scholarships, visit the Official Website (link given on how to apply.

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