University of Lausanne Scholarship, UNIL Scholarship

Scholarship aspirants are invited to avail themselves of one of the great scholarships of the University of Lausanne scholarship. This scholarship is offered to only international students who want to pursue their studies at the Lausanne scholarship. This is a vital opportunity to get a master’s degree from the world’s best University. UNIL grants ten scholarships to international students every year. This year can be yours if you apply for it. 

The University of Lausanne scholarship is for the desired students. Therefore, you have to have excellent marks in an undergraduate degree. Thus, the academic effects are very crucial to get the University of Lausanne scholarship. The grants of ten scholarships to the University of Lausanne is conducted through exams taken by UNIL. 

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Regarding University:

The University of Lausanne is one of the oldest institutions in Switzerland. It was founded in 1537. They have a large number of faculty available. Every year thousands of national and international students graduate from the University of Lausanne. It is in Switzerland, probably in the paradise of the world. You will be delighted if you studied there. 


  • Country: Switzerland
  • University or Institution: University of Lausanne Switzerland
  • Financial Status: Fully Funded
  • Course Level: Master degree
  • Last Date To Apply: 01 November 2021.

Courses offered:

Following are the courses that are offered.

  • Master from the School of Medicine
  • Master of education
  • Master of Law from the Universities of Zurich and Lausanne
  • Master of criminal Law, magistracy specialism
  • Master of Science in Physical Education and Sports Didactics
  • Master of Science in Health sciences
  • All MASs (PhD programmes)

Quick Overview:

As we already described, Switzerland. It is a beautiful country out there. You are getting an opportunity to pursue your master degree through the University of Lausanne scholarship. They are offering ten scholarships on a competitive basis. So please apply for the scholarship and make an effort to get it. 

Eligibility criteria:

  • if you have obtained a foreign university degree considered equivalent to a bachelor degree and the Master’s programme at UNIL.
  • To have distinguished yourself during your studies, primarily through particularly good academic result.
  • To have a language level of at least B2 in French and at least C1 in English according to the language in which your chosen masters is taught.
  • Not been registered with UNIL
  • To have paid the CHF 200.00 administration fee.

How to Apply:

Candidates must send their completed application (refer to the document, “list of documents to attach to your application”), unbound, by post only to the following address:

  • Université de Lausanne
  • Service des affaires sociales et de la mobilité étudiante (SASME)
  • Bâtiment Unicentre
  • CH – 1015 Lausanne
  • Switzerland

The application form must be completed on a computer and duly signed by the candidate.

The application for the Master’s scholarship also serves as an application for admission to your chosen masters (and, therefore, an application to register at UNIL).

The deadline for applications is 1 November to begin a masters degree during the following academic year, in the autumn semester or the spring semester if the programme allows. The postmark will attest to the date sent.

Incomplete applications, particularly thosemissing certified copies of the academic documents requested, will not be considered.

Last Date to Apply:

The deadline for the university of Lausanne scholarship is 01 November 2021.


Those students who will complete their Undergraduate degrees have a chance to avail themselves of this opportunity to study in one of the number one institutions. Countries like Switzerland are known for their advanced and developed system. You will be fortunate if you get admission to the University of Lausanne. Please do your best in it and remember that struggle for every scholarship is essential. Without effort, there will be few chances to get it. 

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