Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship

Students have a chance to pursue their studies in Canada. The Vanier Canada graduate scholarship is open for the students of masters and Ph.D. You have a chance to pursue your studies in Canada if you have completed your bachelor’s. This article will guide you about everything. Stay with us. Moreover, Make sure you read every passage to understand the whole procedure of the scholarship. 

Indeed, international students from all around the world have a chance to pursue their studies in Canada. Also, the Vanier Canada graduate scholarship is a fully funded scholarship for international students. The scholarship is also providing the Ph.D. The value of this scholarship is $50000 per year. This includes everything from tuition to residentials. 

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Regarding the University:

Accordingly, Vanier Canada graduate scholarship is applicable in a bunch of universities and institutions. In Fact, Those in which the Vanier quota is applicable are the top universities and institutions in Canada. Each one is great for their studies and additional research for masters and PhD. Moreover, this is a chance for you to choose the best university from all the Vanier applicable universities. 


  • Country: Canada
  • University or Institution: All institutions in which Vanier quota is applicable
  • Financial Status: Fully Funded
  • Course Level: Master degree and PhD degree
  • Last Date To Apply: 2nd November 2021

Courses Offered:

Following are the courses offered in Vanier Canada graduate scholarship 2021:

  • Health research
  • Natural sciences and engineering
  • Social sciences and humanities

Quick Overview:

Vanier Canada Graduate scholarship is the most recommended scholarship, as we already described. In Fact, the Vanier Canada graduate scholarship is offering everything from traveling allowance to residential. This is a vital opportunity to pursue your master’s and doctorate degrees in Canada. You have to enroll yourself in the application. Although, The rest is this work. Moreover, Keep on struggling for it, and you will get it.

Eligibility Criteria:

Following are the eligibility criteria:

  • Canadian citizens
  • Permanent residents of Canada
  • Foreign citizens

For more details, please visit:

How To Apply:

Application/nomination instructions

Individual applications can be submitted in English or French. If a different language is required to express a certain idea (for example, a specialized concept), explain it in French or English.

A complete Vanier CGS application package includes:

One ResearchNet application form (includes two letters of recommendation, each in three parts)Research contribution (maximum one page)A Personal Leadership Statement (maximum two pages)
Special Circumstances (max 0.5 pages, optional)
Two Leadership letters of reference (maximum two pages)
Research proposal (up to two pages)Project References (maximum five pages)

ResearchNet application process: general information

  1. On ResearchNet, complete all of the tasks listed for the Vanier CGS application.Preview the full apk version of your application on ResearchNet, also use the Preview Application Document task to ensure that your application is complete.Print the entire attachment.Save the PDF version of the finished application.Submit your completed electronic application through ResearchNet by completing the Accept and Submit Application task.Note. The Nominating Organization cannot accept your application until you complete this task.For technical support, call 18886034178 or 6139541968 or email from 7:00 AM. M. at 8:00 pm ET.For program related support, contact

Last Date To Apply:

The last date to apply for Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship is November 02, 2021.


Those students who will complete their Undergraduate degrees have a chance to avail themselves of this opportunity to study in one of the number one institutions. Indeed, Countries like Canada are known for their advanced and developed systems. You will be fortunate if you get the Vanier Canada graduate scholarship. Besides, Please do your best in it and remember that struggle for every scholarship is essential. Although, Without effort, there will be few chances to get the Vanier Canada graduate scholarship.

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